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2Gen Nonprofit Partners

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History of 2-Gen in Southern Arizona

From 2019-2020, SVP Tucson hosted community listening sessions with school districts, business and nonprofit leaders, government, and foundations to assess the greatest needs in Tucson. As a result, we learned that nonprofits were operating in silos and in need of capacity-building support.

SVP Tucson and its 2Gen Partners

SVP Tucson created a collaboration of nonprofits that bridges the gap between the early childhood learning community and nonprofits focused on adult job attainment. This 2Gen network provides a continuum of services for families with young children. It provides the intervention and learning opportunities children need and the resources caregivers and parents need to stabilize their lives.

2Gen is a proven approach to increasing the well-being of families by simultaneously working with caregivers and their children to create lasting change for whole families. SVP Tucson’s 2Gen Collaboration includes eight local nonprofit agencies and operates within the understanding that no single organization has the capacity to address six widely accepted targeted social determinants of health: economic stability, physical and mental health, early childhood education, postsecondary and employment pathways, economic assets, K-12 education, and social capital.

Our 2Gen Nonprofit Partners