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The Fast Pitch Program

Fast Pitch inspires and engages all of Tucson in the process of creating positive change. Philanthropy is a vehicle to create change and nonprofits are creating solutions to our most critical needs. Together, we are building a future where our nonprofit communities are resilient, have resources to thrive, and are strengthened by the power of relationships.

The Fast Pitch Program is a tried-and-true method of cultivating donor relations and increasing nonprofit exposure while training nonprofit leaders on how to pitch their organization’s mission, model, results, and impact.

Our Commitment
Today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

The social issues that SVP Tucson has been working to solve since our inception are caused by deeply rooted systems of power imbalance, racism, and oppression. Today, and every day, we are committed to healing and uniting our community.

We will never back down or look away from the critical issues that divide us. We build bridges and we are relentless in our efforts to create a future that provides equality for ALL people.

Fast Pitch 2024 will catalyze resources, relationships, awareness, and capacity for the organizations poised to significantly impact Southern Arizona. We acknowledge that growth requires change, and we are committed to transformation.

SVP Tucson is committed to the 2Gen (Two Generation) Approach and deeply engages in building awareness, understanding, and implementation of 2Gen strategies in the nonprofit sector and the broader community. 2Gen approaches center on whole families.

SVP Tucson board meeting
Meet the Fast Pitch Class of 2024!

We are excited to welcome these incredible nonprofits into the Fast Pitch Class of 2024! These organizations are working at the forefront of the intersectional movements for racial, economic, & social justice.

Our Fast Pitch 2024 Selection Committee consisted of a team of 25 partners and community members who reviewed applications and selected these eight incredible nonprofits. We are excited to welcome them as the Fast Pitch Class of 2024!

Check out this video of the nonprofit leaders’ endearing reactions as they learned that they will be a part of this life changing experience! 

To prepare for the Fast Pitch event, these eight nonprofit leaders will participate in a FREE 5-month training program. The program includes Pitch Development Training, Donor Connections, and Marketing Strategy, allowing them to take their pitch beyond the night of Fast Pitch! You can learn more about our innovative training program HERE.

It is the dedication of our community that makes this all possible. Together we are growing leaders, transforming nonprofits, and creating lasting change!


One person can change a life. Imagine what Fast Pitch can do.

As a bridge between nonprofits and philanthropy, we use our influence to facilitate deep and meaningful connections. Relationships inspire individuals, create community change, and build robust, resilient ecosystems.


How much better would the world be if nonprofits had what they needed?

Our community is full of incredible resources to help nonprofits thrive. Each year we commit to help increase nonprofit visibility and to put money directly into the hands of nonprofits. During our Main Event Pitch Showcase, we’re giving out $100,000 on-stage and each of our nonprofit participants will take home an unrestricted cash prize!


Strengthening nonprofits creates a healthier community.

Nonprofits are vital in building healthy communities and providing critical services to our most vulnerable populations. Resilience is a process that takes maintenance to foster. For nonprofits, resilience means practice, preparation, and being stable enough to meet crises and adapt to continue providing their highly needed services. Nonprofits fill the gap where government support does not reach, and the most vulnerable populations rely on the agility of these nonprofits. We see the need and we are dedicated to helping nonprofits build resilience. Together we can build a stronger, more impactful Tucson.