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SVP Partner Event
SVP Partner Event
SVP Partner Event
SVP Partner Event
SVP Partner Event
SVP Partner Event

Thank You to Our Partners

With more than 3400 members from Boston to Bangalore, SVP is the world’s largest network of engaged donors. 

Our SVP Tucson Partners range from journalists to financial managers, from nonprofit leaders to corporate veterans, and from foundation executives to people just beginning to explore their giving potential.

We are tremendously grateful for our community of Partners.

Your time and talent, your generosity, your drive for something better… these are the roots of transformation – for individuals, for organizations, for our community. Thank you.

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  • Yvonne Pysher
  • Suzanne Shiff
  • Susan Comstock and Marc Rolfes
  • Susan and Jim Stofft
  • Stephanie Bowers and Aaron Rottenstein
  • Sharon and Alan Levin
  • Shannon and Eric Kutscher
  • Sarah Simpson
  • Sara and Johnny Long
  • Sandra Carter and Travis Palmer
  • Rhona and Louis Stern
  • Peggy and In Loving Memory Steve Goulding
  • Patricia Andrade and Hank Walker
  • Paloma Lopez-Santiago
  • Nanette Warner
  • Nancy and Steven Pregulman
  • Mindi Horwitch
  • Michael Brasher
  • Mary Jan and Paul Bancroft
  • Maria and Terry Slayman
  • Magdalena Verdugo
  • Lyric and Steven Kite
  • Liz Kanter Groskind and Eric Groskind
  • Linda Karl
  • Linda and Dick Sampliner
  • Leslie Perls
  • Leigh Tiedemann
  • Laurie and Rob Glaser
  • Koren Sherrick and Skya Nelson
  • Kerry Milligan and Craig LeCroy
  • Kerri Lopez-Howell
  • Keri and Jeff Silvyn
  • Kent Burbank and Vicente Talanquer
  • Kassie Davis and Bruce Beatus
  • Julie and Bruce Friedman
  • Jon Bialis
  • Joanne and Howie Adams
  • Jim and Li Halpert
  • Jane and David Shurtleff
  • Helaine Levy
  • Gina Marie Lindsey and Tom Dow
  • Frank Velásquez Jr.
  • Ellen Swanson and Michael Tucker
  • Ellen and Bill Nicoletti
  • Dorice and Robert Beren
  • Donna Hover and Armando Ojeda
  • Diane and Steve Witthoeft
  • Diane and John Patience
  • Deborah Watson and Craig Watson In Loving Memory
  • Deborah and Marty Galivan
  • Connie and Jim Murphy
  • Cheree and Lance Meeks
  • Catherene Morton
  • Carolyn Brown and Tim Wernette
  • Caren and Eric Danielson
  • Cande and Tom Grogan
  • Brook Gilliam
  • Bonnie Kampa
  • Bogi Brown
  • Bob McKay
  • Beth Miller and Chip Perry
  • Beth Meyerson and Jill German
  • Barbara Harrison
  • Ava Butler
  • Anne Maley and Tim Schaffner
  • Andrea and Jordan Levy
  • Amy Charles & Steve McMillan
  • Allison and Richard Vaillancourt
  • Adaline and Dan Klemmedson

Corporate Partners

SVP’s Corporate Partnership program is designed to address areas of social responsibility for business partners while providing professional development and engagement opportunities for employees. SVP guides corporate investments 

Benefits to Your Business:

  • Leverage corporate expertise in the nonprofit sector to strengthen programs and organizational power in the community (Fast Pitch, board contribution, and mentorship).
  • Display of credibility, relationships, and recognition in the local corporate sector.
  • Activates a rewarding employee engagement experience in the nonprofit sector. 
  • Brand representation through Partnership engagement (expanding overall reach in the community).

To learn more about this opportunity or discuss ways your company can get involved, please contact Brie Seward at