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Brittany Battle

Fast Pitch Director

Brittany is passionate about building community ecosystems to strengthen individuals, businesses, and communities. She joins the SVP team with experience in nonprofits, education, and technology startups. Through her knowledge of team building, marketing, program implementation, and community collaboration, Brittany helped to take SVP’s Fast Pitch program to the next level in 2020, ensuring that the entire program was focused on bringing our community together around solutions.

Her dedication to legacy and the passing down of heritage has been at the heart of her professional and voluntary career. Brittany has taken the baton from her beloved grandfather, Lew Murphy, who helped create the Tucson Community Food Bank. She now pays it forward and believes that caring for the whole family unit is vital to the uniting and healing of our community.

Brittany began her career teaching at Edge High School and then went on to serve as a Board Member in 2017, where she currently serves as President of the Board. She brings extensive executive experience working in finance and business development to SVP. She is a native Tucsonan whose roots run deep, and she is prepared to tackle Tucson’s greatest challenges in order to help strengthen SVP’s mission and vision.

Brittany lives on a ranch with her husband and two children. She is a creative artist, a musician, and a humanitarian. She is continually inspired by the rich culture of the Southwest. She has a growth mindset and is dedicated to making an impact in Tucson that will last for generations to come.