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Peggy Goulding


Originally from Chicago, as a dietitian/nutritionist, Peggy has worked for over 40 years in the food and healthcare business. She has served on several nonprofit boards, including Senior Meals, a local library, and the University of Illinois Extension Board. After being on the board of her food manufacturing company for many years, Peggy wondered if there was a way to bring the skills of the for-profit and nonprofit worlds together, to create a better organization.

After several conventions and vacations in Tucson, Peggy and her late husband, Steve, decided that this town was where they wanted to end up. She loves the culture in the southwest, the university and the mountains are a plus and the art and music scene give the city an edgy vibe. She was also impressed with what a giving community Tucson is and wanted to get more involved. “We learned about SVP from our neighbors, former partners Donna Prescott and Steve Gaynor. I discovered that SVP is the perfect fit to utilize my skills as a former business owner.”

Peggy has been extremely generous with her philanthropic giving to many local organizations and believes in sharing resources to help solve community-level issues. She has seen the power of collaboration in business and how working together can solve problems on larger scales.

Peggy has stepped up to help lead the 2Gen Collaboration focusing on family support and social capital development. Previously, Peggy served on the Fast Pitch Selection committee for three years. She is also an SVP coach and has been a member of an advisory team.

In her spare time, she likes reading nonfiction and historical fiction, hiking and traveling, playing the piano, and cooking.