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Fast Pitch Training Program

We built a robust and expansive training program because we know that resiliency is best developed through education and experience. We carefully developed a 2-phase program to teach nonprofit leaders fundamental communication and fundraising skills. Over the course of the program, participants will receive training from three professional trainers.

Our curriculum will cover:
  • Pitch Development:
    All nonprofits have a story to tell. Fast Pitch helps them tell it! Our training program begins with pitch development. Nonprofit leaders will participate in pitch workshops to learn about the key elements of effective practice and presentation.
  • Donor Connections:

    We believe in the power of relationships. This year, we are cultivating donor connections and building a more empathic, educated community of supporters. Participants will learn how to make major gift asks, have ample opportunities to meet with local donors, and learn the importance of relationship building.

  • Marketing Strategy:
    We believe that a good strategy can turn impact into action! Participants will conclude the program with Content Plan Development and Digital Strategy to incorporate elements of their Fast Pitch training into a marketing strategy that helps guide their day-to-day operations.
Participants will also receive support in these areas:
  • Mentorship:
    Participants will be assigned to work with two volunteer Mentors who will support their growth and assist them in distilling feedback and refining their pitch into a crisp three-minute presentation.
  • Practice Sessions:
    We know that practice makes perfect! Participants will have multiple opportunities to practice their pitch in front of a panel of Feedback Coaches from the community who will provide immediate feedback on their presentation.
  • Office Hours with Trainers:
    As participants work through their curriculum, they will receive private sessions with each of our trainers to enhance their training and receive additional support.
  • Collaboration and Connection:
    Our community is strengthened when nonprofits collaborate and build relationships. We encourage our participants to learn from and support each other during the Fast Pitch program. We believe in camaraderie over competition!